My goal is to provide you with all natural products. Over the last 2 years I have had time to really pay attention to what is in products we purchase in stores. My son Seth has inspired me to go green. It all started with a simple diaper. One day i realized how much money i have been throwing in the trash by buying disposable diapers. I did my research and was ecstatic to use cloth diapers. Seth has been using cloth diapers for a year now and our family loves them. Not only am i saving money but i know EXACTLY what is on my sons bottom. Cotton! A word i can actually pronounce.
From cloth diapers i have went to making my own cloth wipes for my sons use and for my own personal use. Again i know what I am wiping his bottom with. Cotton! Beautiful natural cotton. A lot of these disposable wipes aren't biodegradable so they just sit in a huge landfill for years along with trillions of diapers. When your trash is taken to a landfill it either gets recycled, buried, or burned. Not every single piece of recycled good actually gets recycled. I can only imagine the amount of toxic material we inhale because of these burning materials. We can all pitch in and slowly go green. Lets save our world! . I have recently started making soap. When i looked up every single ingredient in a bar of soap i was just shocked. At least 3 of 5 ingredients in a bar of soap are man made in some lab. Eek! The last thing our family wants is a bar of soap with detergent in it. These companies claim they are safe and that it is mild but detergent is not meant for skin. I like real soap that actually cleanse and of course that are all natural.

My little business is located in my cozy home. Everything here is made with love and pride. I work hard and do a lot of research on the products I make.

EcoLifeNatural was designed for adult products and LoveBabies was designed for baby products

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